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Lunedì 08 Luglio 2013
Francisca Markus - dollmaker

by Tonia Wezerijn


Francisca-elfTra la Bacchetta Magica e l'attivo gruppo di dollmaker Dabida, è da sempre intercorsa una fitta collaborazione, così ora, attraverso l'attiva collaborazione di Tonia Wezerijn siamo lieti di presentarne nel nostro blog alcune meritevoli artiste che fanno parte del nuovo Fairy Fantasy Forum. Iniziamo da Francisca Markus. Pubblichiamo il testo integrale in lingua inglese che è pervenuto in redazione.

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I would like to introduce to you Francisca Markus, an undertaking, creative, sensitive woman, member of the Dutch Fairy Fantasy Forum (www.fairyfantasyforum.nl).


Francisca is born in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel in the Netherlands, in a family with 4 children. Since she was a child she loved being creative. As a child with drawing, colouring, cutting and pasting, as an adult first with drawing and painting and since 2007 with modelling.

In answer to my question how she became a dollmaker she tells me, that, after making a porcelain doll (molds) and a vinyl (reborn) babydoll, she would like to make something completely by herself. She looked for classes in the neighbourhood, but classes for making a babydoll were completely booked. She kept looking and via a Dutch dollmaker magazine she found a class for modelling fantasy figures by Hannie Sarris.

She thought creating fantasy figures would even be nicer and she logged in immediately.
After a second class she even attended a modelling holiday with her in Spain and from that moment on she was ‘addicted’. As soon as Hannie decided to give classes on Wednesday mornings, Francisca signed in. After Hannie passed away in 2010, Wednesday morning stayed her ‘modelling time’, together with two other ex-students who became friends very soon.


At least once a year Francisca attends a class with a well-known dollmaker, such as Marlaine Verhelst, Saskia Hoeboer, Diane Guelinckx and Kamilla Meesters. Doing so, she learns different techniques from each of them to improve herself. Her education in Fashion & Clothing serves her well!

Since 2011 Francisca is also a member of the management of Dabida, the Dutch and Belgian Institue of Doll Artists (www.dabida.eu). Every year an exhibition is held and although all the preparations take a lot of time, it’s a celebration every year.
Next year, 13 April 2014, the exhibition will be held in the ‘Klok- en Peelmuseum’ in Asten.


Nowadays Francisca organises classes for adults herself. For starters, who would like to ‘taste’ of a new hobby, but also for people who are more advanced in modelling. Would you like to see more of Francisca’s work? Please visit her website: www.franciscasdreamcreations.nl.
And if you would like to email her, her email address is: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. .


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